Choosing exterior house paint colors can feel like an overwhelming task if a homeowner goes blindly into the project. Walk into any home improvement store and a customer will find a massive amount of color paints to choose from. The good news is that there are exterior professional painters that help with that and also here are a few color rules that can help eliminate some of the guesswork when needing to choose exterior house paint colors.

Are you ready to try something other than white paint for your exterior house color scheme? Here are a few tips to keep in mind during your next house painting project. Planning ahead is the key to make any home improvement project a success, especially when painting a house.

Do you want your house exterior to have a lively appearance? If that’s the case, then focus on choosing a warm color scheme. Would you rather have your house exterior look more subtle to the outside world? If so, then painting a house with a cool color scheme going to make it more likely to blend in with its surrounding environment.

Now that you’ve chosen between warm or dark colors for your painting project, it’s time to decide whether your exterior house will have a dark color scheme or a light color scheme. In general, the lighter your color scheme, the more eye-catching your house will appear (because light colors contrast with most natural environments). If you want your house exterior to closely match its outdoor environment, then painting a darker color scheme will likely be your best bet.

An accent color is another painting project to include when planning exterior house colors. When you’ve decided on the color of your house’s main areas, the accent color (to be used on the places such as around the windows and on the door) can help pull in the entire look. For instance, a lighter accent color against a darker main exterior house color helps a small house appear larger. And remember, just because this is an accent color does not mean it shouldn’t fit in with your overall color scheme. Choosing an accent color that adds pizazz, but still looks good with the main house color will prevent any unsightly clashing of colors.

Take the time to gather the right color scheme for your house exterior before getting up on that ladder and your painting project will go much more smoothly. Home improvement does not have to mean pulling a “Tim Allen” (with DIY blunders galore) any longer.