So, you have started playing the popular Zynga game, CityVille. The point of the game is to build up your population and businesses. In order to build your population for your city, you will need to build houses. So, your question is, how do you build houses in CityVille? Well, it takes a few steps, some energy, and some coins. In this guide, I will show you how to build houses in CityVille in order to build up your population. Visit your city and we will get started.

Buying a House in CityVille

You will need to start with buying a house in CityVille. We will start with the house that is the cheapest. Open your store by clicking the Build button in your menu. Then click on the House category at the top of the store. Browse through the store until you find the "Cozy Cottage." It will cost you 200 coins. Once you locate it, click it to buy it. Then move the house on your land until you have it in the spot you want to build it in. Once you have it in that location, you can click your mouse to drop it there. You are now ready to build the house.

Building Your House in CityVille

This house requires that you click it twice to build it. Once you get in the more expensive houses, you will need to click more. So, let's start the building. Click the house and wait for the bar to finish. Once it has finished, click the house again. Once the bar is finished again, your house will be finished. Now you will see the moving truck bringing people in to move into the house you just built.

Collecting Rent from Your House in CityVille

You can collect rent from the house you just built, once every hour. You will earn 50 coins every time you collect rent. When the rent is ready to be collected, you will see the coin floating above the house. Simply use your mouse and click the house to collect. When you see the coins lying around, run your mouse over them to collect them.

You can build as many houses as you. Build up your coins and go for some of the larger homes also.