There are several fun homemade craft ideas using construction paper, scissors, glue and crayons. All very affordable items you can pick up at your local dollar store. These four items can provide endless fun and possibilities for you kids on rainy days or just any time they want to be creative. We will look at several different craft ideas in this article. One tip for you. Check your local store at the beginning and end of the school year for great deals on craft supplies.

The first craft that kids can do with these four items are making cards. They can fold a piece of construction paper over to make a card shape. They can draw and color anything they wish on the inside and out. With construction paper you can also cut out shapes and glue them on the card. This is a great idea for Holidays, Birthdays and other special occasions.

A great craft idea for boys is to make paper airplanes. Most boys love making and flying them. They can use the crayons to make designs on their airplane masterpieces. They can also make airplanes of different sizes and colors.

Using construction paper they can design and make their own picture frames for pictures. They can cut out cute designs and glue them around the frame. They can frame regular pictures or even pictures they have drawn.

A cute craft using construction paper and glue is to make binoculars. Just have them roll up two pieces of construction paper and then glue them together on the side. Scissors may come in handy with this craft to shorten the binoculars. Another similar craft is to use just one piece of construction paper and make a telescope out of it. They can also color their binoculars and telescope with crayons and make designs on them.

A fun craft for both boys and girls is to make a butterfly using construction paper. The kids can draw a butterfly on the construction paper and then cut it out. They can color it however they wish. Construction paper butterflies are really pretty!

Construction paper flags are fun to make and very easy. Just using red, white and blue construction paper they can make their very own flag. They can hang it in their room or even on the refridgerator. This would be a great project for the 4th of July.

Most kids would love to be King or Queen of the day. Construction paper crowns are very fun and easy to make. They can shape them however they like. They can use crayons to draw jewels and designs on their crowns or even cut out shapes from other color construction paper to glue on.

Children’s handprints drawn on construction paper is a great way to create a keepsake. Just trace the child’s hand with a crayon or pen and then have them color it in. They can date it and write their name on the paper. This makes a great gift and keepsake for parents and grandparents.

For Holidays there is an endless supply of ideas using construction paper, scissors, glue and crayons. For Valentine’s Day they can make Valentine’s Day cards for parents and grandparents. They can also make smaller cards to hand out to friends. Even cutting out a big heart and decorating it is fun. For Easter they can cut out an egg and decorate it using the crayons or other colored construction paper. Perhaps drawing a huge 4 leaf clover or pot of gold in March. Christmas crafts are a lot of fun too. Drawing and decorating a Christmas tree on construction paper is a lot of fun. They can also cut out and decorate presents using the construction paper. Wreaths and ornaments are another fun craft. I am sure you can think of several other fun crafts to make for the Holidays.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on a fun adventure using construction paper, scissors, glue and crayons. Have fun!